Family caregivers influence patient purchasing decisions

Create a family caregiver culture — engage and support these influential advisors


Family caregivers — individuals who help a loved one with a health condition without being paid — can be some of your best customers. One third of American adults are family caregivers. They regularly purchase medications and more for both family members and themselves.

Studies show that when family caregivers are part of the hospital care team, patient outcomes improve.

Create a family caregiver culture in your business: engage and educate this influential population about health management in the hospital and the importance of medication adherence after discharge.

Hospital gift shops

Family caregivers regularly visit hospital gift shops looking for ways to provide comfort to a family member. Help family caregivers get the best hospital care for a loved one.

Engage and educate family caregivers — stock our guide

Our helpful, easy-to-read guide, How to help your loved one in the hospital: You can make a difference, teaches family caregivers:

  • What to expect in the hospital
  • How to improve a loved one’s health outcome
  • How to plan for care after the hospital, including information on purchasing medications and supplies before patient discharge to home

Learn about building relationships with family caregivers