Complement your client’s financial plan with a personal end-of-life plan

Help people align their financial resources and final wishes

Even when multiple legal documents are in place, many questions arise toward the end of life. Some questions are tied to an individual’s financial resources. For example:

  • Who can access the individual’s financial account(s) to pay for care if the person is unable to communicate about such information?
  • Which financial resources should be liquidated first? Last?
  • Which account(s) trigger a tax event?
  • Is an agreement in place between the individual and the person named in the financial power of attorney document?
  • Are all family members aware of what’s planned?

Use the Caregiving Pathways Rest-of-Life PlanTM to help families plan and prepare instead of react and regret

Learn how to help your clients:

  • Develop and share an end-of-life plan
  • Start difficult conversations with family members
  • Prepare for a hospital stay
  • Create a legacy project their family will treasure

Differentiate your organization

Caregiving Pathways is the only organization that gives you the tools you need to help your clients develop a personal end-of-life plan. This new program provides the perfect opportunity to connect with each of your clients.

Enrich your professional life

Enjoy the rewarding experience of helping families prepare for one of the most critical periods of their lives.

The time to address these sensitive topics is before a health crisis occurs. During a period of great emotional stress, the less your clients need to focus on making decisions, the more they can help a loved one through the final days — with peace of mind for everyone.

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