Help your employees

manage a loved one’s hospital stay

Help family caregivers reduce stress outside the workplace

Almost 20 percent of workers in the United States are family caregivers. Employers lose approximately $2,110 annually per full-time working caregiver.

Creating workplace policies and benefits can help reduce the burden for family caregivers and employers. A low-cost component that’s easy to initiate is a family caregiver support group.

We provide information on how to establish a workplace support group plus educational materials that can help employees cope with a loved one’s hospitalization.

  • A hospital stay, especially when it’s unexpected, creates stress for patient families and their employers.
  • Providing educational materials to employees can help them better manage a loved one’s hospital stay.
  • Knowing how to handle a hospital stay can help reduce family caregiver stress and give your employees more time and energy to focus on work.

As our population ages, more employees will become family caregivers. You can help them manage a loved one’s hospital stay so they can better manage their work in a time of family crisis.

Our primary teaching tool is our
easy-to-read guide

How to help your loved one in the hospital: You can make a difference tells family caregivers:

  • What to expect in the hospital
  • How to help a loved one get the best care
  • How to plan for care at home after the hospital stay

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